About F&H

The leading brand & trading house in Scandinavia

The F&H Group is Scandinavia's largest wholesaler within kitchen equipment and household accessories, with more than 30 brands and over 8,000 different items on its warehouse shelves. F&H has 250 employees in Stockholm, Oslo and China, and at our Danish head office in Viborg.

Every aspect of the Group's activities is based on innovation. Constantly developing, finding and marketing new products in new designs and materials ensures that everyone - customers, suppliers and employees - is a winner. On a daily basis, our employees practise F&H's core values: innovation, competence, quality, good business ethics and commitment.

F&H is a company that continues to grow. Combined with 100% dedicated employees and management, focus on Scandinavia and good brands, and a strong local anchoring, this has enabled F&H to treble its revenue in ten years.