About F&H

Vision, mission and values


F&H wishes to be the leading partner in Scandinavia within kitchen, living & dining.


Continued expansion via organic growth and new initiatives/acquisitions.

To be the preferred national supplier via a constantly updated range.

To be perceived as the leading brand & trading house in Scandinavia within kitchen, living & dining via ownership/partnerships and professional marketing.

Via F&H Asia to be the preferred sourcing partner in Scandinavia.

To be one of the most attractive employers in the industry, with dedicated employees and focused employee development.

Core values

F&H's five core values are applied every day throughout the entire Group, because they are a natural part of the people who help to make F&H a good and strong workplace and business:

  • Innovation
  • Competence
  • Quality
  • Good business ethics
  • Commitment

Overall, the core values are the driving force that will help F&H to achieve its vision.

Partnership is the key for F&H in every context. We take responsibility for ensuring that customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders are all winners.