Rosti Mepal

Rosti Mepal


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The Danish design icon, the Margrethe bowl, is indisputably the best known product in Rosti's range.

The Margrethe bowl was designed in 1954 by Sigvard Bernadotte and Acton Bjørn's studio in Copenhagen, and it is named after the Danish Princess Margrethe.

More than 50 million bowls have been sold worldwide, in a range of colours and sizes.

Rosti is synonymous with high quality and therefore a 5-year warranty is given on the Margrethe bowl.



Rosti Warranty Provisions  

Rosti is synonymous with high quality and therefore a 5-year warranty is given on specified products based on the following warranty provisions.

  • The warranty is valid 5 years from the date of purchase (or proof of receipt of the item)

  • The warranty only covers the quality of the product itself, and not compensation rights or damage to items other than the product itself. 

  • The buyer must notify the seller of the defect immediately after the defect has been discovered.

  • When enforcing the warranty, contact the place of purchase, provide a receipt and agree on further inspection of the defective product.

  • When enforcing the warranty, Rosti will offer repair or replacement of all or part of the product. If the product cannot be repaired and it is not possible to exchange it, a similar product of the same value will be offered. No refund of the purchase price is granted.  

  • The normal rights of consumers in the countries concerned are not limited by this warranty.  

  • Warranty exceptions: 

    • Normal wear and tear of the product during proper and intended use

    • Defects caused by improper use or adverse events (impact, falls, etc.)