Bamix - Norwegian

BAMIX® is behind one of the most revolutionary kitchen machines ever produced. It all started back in the 1950s, when BAMIX® invented the stick blender, which soon became an indispensable kitchen aid.

This Swiss multi-machine has been developed and improved over more than 50 years, and thanks to its strength and countless different functions it is now pushing traditional table blenders/food processors out of the kitchen.

BAMIX® can e.g. crush ice and frozen berries to delicious smoothies in under 15 seconds, and whisk skimmed milk to a frothy topping in less than 10 seconds.

With fresh or frozen berries and a little banana, you can quickly make your own fat- and sugar-free milkshake. You can also whisk up a mayonnaise in just 13 seconds.

Since BAMIX® is simple to use and to clean, it is a popular addition to any kitchen. Together with useful accessories such as SliceSy® it can now also process both fruit and vegetables.

With BAMIX® only your own imagination and creativity are the limit when it comes to cooking.

BAMIX® Swissline

Whisks skimmed milk into a frothy topping in 10 seconds!