F&H has Scandinavia's optimum logistics within the industry.

The logistics team work dynamically and effectively. If everything seems to function automatically, this means that we have given you the very best service. The warehouse is manned 24 hours a day and is equipped with the latest technology within e.g. 'Pick by Voice' and Axapta 2012.

We know that we need to match needs and requirements in terms of labelling, packaging and delivery, and we deliver daily to all shops and distributors throughout Scandinavia, via our strong distribution network.

The warehouse area covers over 28.000 m2, with 21,000 pallet spaces for the goods in the around 30 containers we receive on a weekly basis. The warehouse has over 8,000 item numbers, with a replacement rate of approximately 30% per year.

F&H has traded with the Far East since 1945 and was one of the very first Danish wholesalers to trade in this part of the world. Logistics have therefore always been a natural part of our business concept and today play an important overall role.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions concerning logistics.